8400 Hydrostatic Triplex Mower

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We put new hydrostatic power into the National 8400 which makes it even better on slopes. The 8400 also makes tough mowing jobs easier by adding power steering and a more comfortable ride. We also designed it to give you a better cut. Independent Reel and Ground Speeds.

Hydrostatic drive provides independent reel and ground speeds for the finest reel cut of any mower in the industry. You get the same perfect cut at any speed, whether you slow down to trim or speed up for the more open areas.

Features Description
Hydrostatic Drive to Wheels Easier operation and less operator fatigue
Seat Position Lowered seat 3″ giving lower center of gravity and greater stability on slopes
Power Front Steering Highly maneuverable, tighter turning, less operator fatigue
Independent Ground and Reel Speed Fast or slow, reel speed not affected by ground speed for best reel cut.
Electric Reel Clutch Single switch turns all three reels on and off
Engine Hood Fender Fenders keep operator cleaner, hood makes for quieter operation
New Controls You drive this machine, it doesn’t drive you
Reel Overhang Large reel overhang makes for better trimming capabilities
4 wheels Allows this mower to go most anywhere. If you can walk up a hill without using your hands, this National will mow it
Light Weight, 16hp Comes in under ROPS specifications
Engine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 16 hp twin cylinder, electric start, ducted air flow
Transmission: Eaton Model 11 variable displacement hydrostatic pump.
Drive Motor: Eaton T series geroler hydraulic motor, coupled to differential input shaft
Steering: Eaton Power Steering
Wheel Motors: Charr-Lynn low-speed, high-torque 2000 series
Oil Tank: 5 gallons
Gas Tank: 5 gallons
Frame: Welded tubular steel construction
Mowing Speed: 0-7 mph
Transport Speed: 7 mph
Reverse Speed: 3 mph approx.
Tires: Full pneumatic, front, 16/650 x 8, rears, 8 x 12
Weight: 1050 Ibs.
Controls: Foot operated traction pedal for forward & reverse, hand operated throttle & choke controls, free wheeling tow valve, electric clutch for cutting units, hand operated parking brake
Cutting Units: Three 30″ power driven units free floating to follow ground contours
Reel: 8″ diameter, 6 or 8 blade alloy blades, 30″ long
Reel Bearings: Timken tapered roller bearings on reel shaft, adjustable
Bed Knife: 13/64″ x 2″ with upturned lip of alloy steel
Width of Cut: 84″
HOC: 5/8″ to 2 1/4″ Reel to Bed Knife adjustment, spring loaded. Auto/spring loaded belt tensioning
Capacity: 3 1/2 Acres per hour
Options: Rear roller scrapers, anti scalp front rollers, rubber covered rollers, ATV tires

Makes: 8400 and National.

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