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Combining power and agility with the Intelli-Shift transmission, the M130X delivers an exceptional performance every time.

Powerful, mid-range agricultural tractor meticulously built for wide ranging and large implement work, the M128X offers unparalleled manoeuvrability and operator proficiency for year round cost effective


The M130X is a powerful agricultural tractor meticulously built for wide ranging and large implement work. One of the most efficient and versatile machines of its kind, the M128X features Kubota’s proficient 5 Cylinder Diesel Direct Injection engine, 4WD for greater traction, and Intelli-Shift transmission for unparalleled performance and exceptional handling.


Advanced features ensure maintenance is always quick to undertake. The M130X slanted, fully opening bonnet enables quick and easy access to the engine for routine maintenance and the sliding, louverless-type AC condenser and condenser net can be removed rapidly for ease of cleaning.


Engineered utilising ground breaking technology, the M130X incorporates a host of performance enhancing features including Kubota’s Inelli-shift transmission with Auto-mode, Bevel Gear Front Wheel Drive, electro-hydraulic differential lock and Bi-Speed turn. Furthermore, the M130X features performance matched front loaders with large lift capacity, mechanical self-leveling linkage and single lever operation for outstanding performance when undertaking heavy-duty front loader work.


Combining Kubota’s renowned 5 Cylinder Diesel Direct Injection engine with a versatile hydraulic system and multiple ‘timesaving’ features including live independent PTO, the M130X optimises both fuel efficiency and operator productivity. Furthermore, the M130X’s 190 litre fuel tank means less time is spent refueling.


Ergonomically designed to maximise comfort and reduce operator fatigue, the M130X boasts a luxurious, spacious cab with conveniently located controls, user friendly dash panel, air suspension seat, CD/Radio and air conditioning. Furthermore, the operating levers offer ergonomically designed armrests and Kubota’s unique Intelli-Shift transmission ensures effortless handling.





Makes: M Series and Tractor.

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